Formula L.A. - The only Shampoo and Conditioner made for L.A.'s harsh environment.

"Road Test: Formula LA"
Dedicated Fashion Follower - April 24, 2011

Remember this?

When my hair looked truly awful?

Well miracle of miracles, I haven't actually had it cut since that wonderful day at Beverly Hills Color Bar and they didn't cut it either - just coloured it, which means it's been Since December 11th that I have had my haircut. Almost 5 months!!

So how is my hair still looking remarkably healthy after so long without a cut? Well I lay the blame, or the thanks rather, on my new shampoo and conditioner, gifted to me on the same day I visited the Color Bar and used ever since, I like to be very thorough in my reviews...I've been using it for two months!!


Formula LA is a shampoo specifically designed for the Los Angeles climate - harsh sun, dry air and hard water. Where the dry air and harsh sun can damage your hair, both the shampoo and conditioner contain extra moisturizers and even sunscreen so that your hair can stay soft and shiny despite the weather.

They also contain ingredients that prevent the minerals found in Los Angeles' water from binding to your hair - therefore getting your hair cleaner than ever!

Having a laff at the salon...

So, all in all, extremely impressed with Formula LA, my hair is soft and shiny, no split ends - and I believe it's also helped me maintain my new hair colour (roots aside...hah...) In addition, it smells great and looks stylish!

A great product that I highly recommend, to the point where, when I run out (which is fortunately not any time soon!) I'll be re-buying - which is always the best sign of a good shampoo.

Formula LA shampoo and conditioner courtesy of Formula LA for purpose of review, available at in formulas for 16 cities nationwide.

Kelsi Smith.