Formula L.A. - The only Shampoo and Conditioner made for L.A.'s harsh environment.

"Formula L.A. Hair Care"
Daily Candy - April 12, 2011

Shampoo and Conditioner Made for Angelenos

The Battle of Los Angeles is indeed upon us. The city is advancing from all directions (the smoldering sun, polluted air, and, yes, funky water). Its target? Your defenseless scalp.

But just when all seems lost, a hero emerges from the shadows: Formula L.A., new shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to combat the environmental threats posed by the City of Angels.

The line is the brainchild of beauty industry vets Tom Lux and Doug Finelli, who have experienced firsthand how the city can wreak havoc on manes. Every aluminum, ecofriendly bottle guards your strands with chelators that prevent harsh minerals found in tap water from binding to your hair.

Heavy artillery in the form of residue-free sunscreen blocks harmful UV rays, while wheat protein locks in moisture. One thing you won’t find in these soldiers? Bad stuff like parabens and sulfate.

So go on, wash L.A. right out of your hair.