Formula L.A. - The only Shampoo and Conditioner made for L.A.'s harsh environment.

"For Locals Only" - February 22, 2011

We Did It For Science is our semi-regular feature in which we offer ourselves up as retail guinea pigs. All for your benefit.

In the year 2010, for the first time since the California Gold Rush, California-born residents made up the majority of the state's population. However, the rest of us were born, and are from, somewhere else. Moving here from the East Coast, I was happy to get rid of winter jackets, a serious need for Chapstick and long underwear. But my hair hasn't quite been the same, and I attributed it to the lack of humidity...but you know, the sun and the sand and the lower rents really made up for my hair being a leetle lank.

Enter Formula LA shampoo and conditioner, packed with sweet smells and heady scientific research. The team behind the Formula line figured out that the evil combo of sun, dry air, crusty water and airborne pollutants wreaks serious havoc on our heads.

I made a week-long commitment to the product -- after all, almost any new shampoo and conditioner can make your hair feel great after one washing, but how about five? I've been obsessively using it this week....because it's restored my hair to the good ole days: springy curls, healthy feeling hair that isn't weighed down.

And for the moment, is shampoo IS for locals only. The line is currently only available at a few locations on the West Side. However, new, location-specific shampoos and conditioners are rolling out for cities around the country: be on the lookout for San Diego, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Arizona, and Boston. (Lizz Wasserman)