Formula L.A. - The only Shampoo and Conditioner made for L.A.'s harsh environment.

The formula story

Every company has a story, and ours begins with bad hair. Not just ours, but our friends', colleagues', mothers’, sisters’ and wives’. Not a day went by when we didn’t hear complaints about bad hair. What was the cause of all this frustration? It turns out, it was L.A. itself. The sun. The air. And the water.

It's no secret how bad Southern California's tap water is. That suspicious smell. That funny taste. The white residue left on our pots and pans. It's all caused by dissolved minerals and metals, which make it nearly impossible to get your hair clean.

So after two years of research and development; after poring over air and water quality reports; and after scouring meteorological data and testing samples, we developed the very first shampoo and conditioner optimized for Southern California. Good-bye bad hair days. Hello formula L.A.™ shampoo and conditioner.