Formula L.A. - The only Shampoo and Conditioner made for L.A.'s harsh environment.
sun damage

The sun. The sun causes serious damage to your hair - literally breaking it down, molecule by molecule in a process called oxidization. That's why all Formula™ shampoo and conditioner contain an effective, non-residue sunscreen to help block harmful ultraviolet rays and protect your hair from damage that can make it brittle and flat.

Shown here, UV rays thin hair so cuticles separate - in extreme cases the inner cortex of the hair can crack

air damage

The air. Dry air saps moisture from your hair, leaving it flat and lifeless, while humid air makes your hair unmanageable. That's why formula™ shampoo and conditioners are made with just the right amount of moisturizer for your location. Air pollution, auto exhaust, particulate matter and ozone can damage hair as well, which is why formula products have been developed to counteract these pollutants.

Shown here, dehydrated hair with severe split ends, which cause the Keritin fibers of the inner cortex to unravel

water damage

The water. The water. Water quality varies from city to city. Some places have hard water, others soft. Some have bacterial impurities as well as chemical impurities like copper, calcium, chorine and arsenic. Formula™ shampoos and conditioners have special ingredients that prevent minerals from binding to your hair. No other shampoo or conditioner cleans and conditions your hair so effectively.

Shown here, chemically damaged hair which makes the cuticle layers cracked, porous and flaky