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Our climate is unique! We have hot, dry summers and wet winters. Plus it can all change in a matter of minutes, making it especially difficult to keep hair under control! We developed formula nw™ products with these and other conditions in mind. You’ll find ourshampoo is very mild, with little in the way of moisturizing elements and lots of antistatics to help minimize frizz. Our conditioner, on the other hand, is generously moisturizing for those dry summer days. Use them together and find the balance that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

NO PALM! Because we care so deeply about the environment, we’re proud to say that formula nw™ products are among the first to be palm-free! As you may know, the use of palm oil contributes to global warming and is devastating orangutan habit in Southeast Asia. Join us in boycotting or reducing consumption of palm oil in foods, cosmetics and cleansers.

Please recycle or re-use your Formula Cosmetics bottles.

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